Grant Application Process


Texas Rural Communities, Inc. (TRC) makes grants to fund community programs in rural areas that advance community development, including but not limited to environmental, economic or educational programs for the benefit of rural communities. TRC will make numerous awards with the total amount not to exceed $39,000. The average awards have been $3,100 and will not exceed $10,000. Grant funds may not be used for building construction or personnel costs.




Eligibility for grants from TRC is limited to a 501 (c) 3, Non-Profit Community Based Organizations in rural communities that are not affiliated with governmental or quasi-governmental organization(s). Any organization without a 501(c) 3 Certificate must have a non-governmental sponsor organization that maintains appropriate tax status and the application must include letter of support from President/Chair of sponsoring organization.


A rural area includes all territory that is not within the extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) of any city having a population of one hundred thousand or more. Grant requests may be for new or existing programs, but the applicant organization must have been in existence for at least one year and must have an established Board of Directors, current budget, balance sheet and income/expense statement.




TRC may award up to $39,000 total in grants at the discretion of the TRC Grant Committee. Applicants should state whether they would accept a grant of a lesser amount than they have requested. TRC reserves the right to defer funding to the following year if applications do not meet criteria.


Application Process


Applications must be postmarked no later than November 3, 2017. Applications submitted by fax or e-mail will not be accepted. Each application must include 2 additional copies of the application and profit/loss statement.


Applicants will be notified if they are finalists by approximately March 31, 2018.


Application Format


Applications must be submitted in the following format, by section number, and must not be longer than five (5) pages, single-spaced in size 12 font. All applications must include a cover letter on the organization’s letterhead, a one-page summary of the proposal, amount requested and contact information in addition to the 5-page application. Applications not submitted in the following format will not be considered. Please use the attached checklist to ensure that all required attachments are included.


Program Summary: Include a program summary of no more than one page. Your summary should include an overview of your grant request, including the amount requested; brief program description, community and/or constituency served and expected outcomes. PLEASE DO NOT STAPLE YOUR APPLICATIONS OR PLACE THEM IN BINDERS.

Section I: Contact Information

  1. Name, Mailing Address, Telephone Number and e-mail of Contact person for grant
  2. Name and Address of Organization
  3. Tax ID Number (A Copy of the IRS Determination Letter should be attached to application)


Section II: Organizational Description

  1. Give a brief overview of your organization, including its mission, purpose, a short history and any major accomplishments.


Section III: Program Description

  1. What community and/or constituency needs will your program meet? How did you identify the need?
  2. Give a brief description of your program. What are its primary goals? How will you accomplish them?
  3. Describe the program participants or beneficiaries. Are you planning to serve people of a particular age group, ethnic background or income level? How many people will your program serve?
  4. Describe the aspects of your program that are unique or innovative. Is your program a model for other communities? How will you communicate your program’s success to other communities?
  5. Provide a budget for the project you have proposed, included the specific use of grant funds requested. In addition, include a one-page profit/loss statement and a budget for your organization’s prior fiscal year. If TRC were unable to fund the total amount you have requested, would you accept a smaller grant?
  6. Describe the expected outcomes or accomplishments for your program. How will you measure these outcomes?
  7. Give a timeline for your project or program and expenditure of proposed grant funds.
  8. If the organization has received a grant award from TRC in the two preceding years, report the timeline, outcomes and financial expenditures related to the award.


  1. List of Board of Directors
  2. IRS Determination Letter
  3. Current fiscal year budget, balance sheet, 1-page profit/loss statement
  4. Two Letters of Recommendation



Note: TRC reserves the right to publish applications and/or project descriptions on its web site, even if the project is not selected as the recipient of the funds.


Applications should be mailed to:


Texas Rural Communities, Inc.

Attn: Sandra Tenorio

168 Cimarron Park Loop

Buda, Texas 78610





□         Cover letter on organization letterhead, signed by the chief executive officer or board president. (If sponsor organization is required—include letter from sponsoring President/Chair)


□         Program summary of no more than one page (including amount requested).


□            Grant application of no more than 5 pages in a 12-point font.


□         Two (2) copies of completed application—please do not staple copies or place in binders.


□            List of the organization’s Board of Directors, including contact information and occupation.

□         IRS Determination Letter


□         Current fiscal year budget, balance sheet, 1-page profit/loss statement


□         Two Letters of recommendation


Mail one original and twp (2) (unstapled) copies of the completed application to:


Texas Rural Communities, Inc.

Attn: Sandra Tenorio

168 Cimarron Park Loop

Buda, Texas 78610


All applications must be postmarked no later than November 3, 2017.